Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system

  • Cartilage damages (arthrosis)

  • Post-traumatic joint damages

  • Chronic pain in the spinal area and the musculoskeletal system

  • Degenerative and post-traumatic changes in joints, muscles and tendons (tennis elbow, inflammation processes of the shoulders and knees, and the like)

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Musculoskeletal system trauma

  • Acceleration of the healing process of fractures

  • Treatment of tendon, ligament and muscle injuries (Achilles tendon rupture, knee and shoulder ligament injuries, muscle rupture, etc.)

  • Reduction of post-traumatic rehabilitation and disability with accelerated healing methods

  • Sports injuries

  • Accelerated and safe recovery after surgical treatment

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Aesthetic medicine

  • Correction of wrinkles and other skin changes such as acne marks, scars, and the like

  • Hair loss treatment by stimulating the renewal of dead cells

  • Regeneration of the outer skin layer on all parts of the body

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Other services

  • Clinical examination, consultation and diagnostics in the field of surgical and orthopedic trauma problems by a specialist

  • Complete management of the insurance reimbursement procedure after a trauma (medical expertise, administrative court proceedings, counseling)

  • Ultrasound of the extremities

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